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Yorkshire and Humber

Out of Programme (OOP)

Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber welcomes applications for Out of Programme Experience. However, trainees must weigh the decision to take OOP very carefully. OOP can be undesirable for trainees for the following reasons:

• The duration of GP training is short compared with training for hospital specialty training. At the end of their three years’ training, GPSTRs will have the opportunity to take time out without risking disruption to their learning and will have the qualifications and experience to make them more valuable to their host employer. So think about taking a sabbatical AFTER GP training.
• Continuity and integration of learning are important in order to assimilate the various and varied components of learning. This is made harder if there is a break in training.
• Unlike other specialties, out of programme experience is not likely to count towards the issue of the CCT.

For further information on OOP, including the guidance and the application form, please see the policies section of the website.