GP Trainer Re-Approval.

Thank you for your dedicated work as a GP Trainer for the Yorkshire and the Humber School of General Practice. HEYH are aware of the demands of this highly skilled role and endeavour to maintain the high standards of training.

From 2014 the re-approval process changed to align with GMC statutory responsibility for GP Trainers. HEYH tries to minimise the administrative burden throughout the re-approval process, however the trainer must demonstrate their statutory responsibility for ensuring the quality of their General Practice Trainer’s role through a 5 yearly cycle of GP trainer re-approval as stipulated by the GMC.

The evidence will look to satisfy the GMC standards

There have been significant changes over the past few months as a result of the Covid pandemic - this meant that we postponed re-approval for some of you and we had to cancel trainers seminars that some of you were booked to attend. 

In addition to these changes, we have changed the platform that we use for managing approval and re-approval applications from the previous web app to a system called PARE. The new process separates the approval and re-approval of practices from trainers to avoid repetition of submission of information. The PARE system has been used for re-approvals due from 31st July 2021 onward and a SWAY guide has been produced which can be found here.

Once again thank you for your continued support in this process. The FAQs shown below and the documents shown at the bottom of this page are available for further information in the first instance.

If you have any questions further to the information provided on these pages on the reapproval process please contact the Primary Care School, GP Trainer Approvals team.


How does my Practice become a training site/What if there are changes to my current approved Practice site?

All sites from which training takes place need to be approved as an educational site and registered as such with the GMC.

I want to start training in a practice that is not a current training practice?

  • You need to register the practice on PARE using the following link
  •  This will trigger a practice approval process for multi-professional learning that will include a visit to complete an ‘audit tool’ on PARE. The visit will be conducted by an assessor from either the QA team or the Training Hub
  • The assessor will determine the whether the practice can be approved as a learning environment. If approved, the practice will be approved for multi-professional learning

My practice is moving site/ My practice is merging or federating with a practice not approved for training and I want my trainee to work at that site.

  • Please contact the GP Approvals team to determine if the new site needs approval
How do I become re-approved as a GP Trainer?

How often do I need to be reapproved as a GP trainer?

Trainers will be approved on a 5-yearly cycle. This has been extended for some currently due to be approved, whilst new remote courses are developed

What Educational CPD is required during my approval cycle?

  • You must attend the Trainer’s Seminar (remotely) - attendance is by invitation mid-way during the re approval cycle.
  • You should undertake 50 hours of CPD over a 5-year cycle related to GP training role this can include trainer’s workshops, Spring and autumn schools.
  • You must attend trainer’s workshops – Attendance at a minimum of 6 hours per year
  • You must undertake Equality and Diversity training which should be updated 3 yearly
  • You should have a PDP which includes GP trainer related objectives

How do I apply for re-approval?

  • You will receive a notification from PARE requesting that you complete your PARE application form 3 months prior to your renewal date.
  • You MUST keep your email address up to date with the GP approvals team and on PARE.

What evidence do I need to submit?

  • Required evidence is based on 3 areas:
    • Practice as a training environment
    • Trainer and trainee in practice
    • Trainer as Educator

Evidence Requirements

  • Trainer Development. 
    It is expected that you complete 10 hours per year of educational activities related to training (50 hours over a 5 year re-approval cycle).
    This can include Trainers Workshops, trainer courses run by HEE (including Spring/Autumn School, Trainer Conferences etc), external educator courses and personal learning. The PARE development log can be used throughout your re-approval cycle to document your learning activities.
  • Reapproval Seminar
    Attendance at the two day seminar, facilitator feedback and trainers reflections.  
  • Required Documents
    Evidence of Equality and Diversity training, dated within the last three years. 
    For seminars completed prior to 2021, the trainer uploads a copy of their own reflection and the facilitator reflection to the required documents section.
  • LAT Report
  • Declaration of Health and Conduct
  • Reapproval TPD Report

How will my submission be assessed?

  • Your PARE application will be assessed by GP QA Locality leads 
  • Further evidence can be requested as needed though the discussion section of your PARE application
  • Comments will be made by the assessor within the PARE application and comments will be given on approved reapprovals
  • Re-approval outcomes:
    • Re-approval for five years (normally with identification of areas of good practice and recommendations for development)
    • Re-approval for less than five years (with identification of areas to be addressed within a specific time)
    • Practice visit to be arranged (if evidence is insufficient or concerns have been identified that require further investigation)
  • The assessor will make a referral to the School lead if major concerns are identified that are unlikely to be resolved at a practice visit, or if following a practice visit, major concerns remain that prevent re-approval of the trainer.

What happens if I don’t complete my application?

If you haven’t submitted your PARE application

  • You MUST ensure that your email address is kept up to date with the GP approvals team and within PARE
  • You will receive a notification from PARE 6 months prior to your reapproval renewal date advising you of your reapproval and a requested submission date of 3 months prior to expiry.
  • You will receive a notification from PARE 3 months prior to your reapproval renewal date if you have not yet submitted. 
  • If you do not submit an application for re-approval after the PARE notifications and before the requested submission date a further email will be sent to you warning you that it is assumed that you are no longer wishing to train and your name will be removed from the GMC register as a trainer. Your GP scheme and practice manager will be copied in.

If you haven’t responded to request for further information

  • You will receive a reminder email which will be sent to email address on the PARE application. Your scheme and practice manager will be copied in, in case you did not receive the original email request for further information.


What if I am moving Practices?

I currently train within Yorkshire and the Humber

  • If the you are moving to a current training practice, then you should inform the GP approvals team and the local schemes involved. There is no other action required.
  • If you are moving to a non-training practice, then the practice needs to go through the formal approval process if the practice wishes to train (see above and site approval section in FAQs).

I have been approved in another Deanery and am moving into the Yorkshire and the Humber region

  • Your approval status is unchanged and you can continue to train dependent on the practice training status, as for trainers moving within Yorkshire and the Humber (see above and site approval section in FAQs).
  • You must inform the GP approvals team and your local scheme that you plan to start training in the area.
  • If you are in your first re-approval cycle you will have a re-approval within 2 years of your initial approval as per Y&H trainers. All other trainers will have a 5-year re-approval cycle.
  • You will be invited to and must attend the Trainers Seminar before your next re approval.


How do I take a break from being a GP Trainer?
  • Fallow periods of up to 12 months (other than enforced due to gaps in rotations) should be agreed with the local scheme and the GP approvals team should be informed.
  • If the period is greater than 12 months then you need to show evidence of keeping up to date with training requirements and TPD support for returning to training. This will be assessed by the school lead on an individual trainer basis.

I am going on maternity leave

  • The local scheme and the GP approvals team should be informed. If the period is greater than 12 months then the trainer needs to show evidence of keeping up to date with training requirements and TPD support for returning to training.  This will be assessed by the school lead on an individual trainer basis.


What do I do if I no longer want to be a Trainer?

It is always with sadness that we have to accept that for various reasons trainers no longer wish to train. The deanery, schemes and trainees all appreciate the time and effort that you will have put into your training role.

  • Please confirm your intentions, including the exact date that you wish to stop training, by email to the GP approvals team.
  • The approvals team will inform the GMC on your behalf. Please note that you will not be able to train after the date you training status is taken off the GMC register.


Resources for the Trainers Seminars