Review of Competence Progression (RCP)

All Dental Core Trainees and JDFCT Trainees will have a Review of Clinical Progression (RCP). The RCP process is aimed at ensuring that the required competences are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience.

The expectation of trainees is that they will drive their training against an agreed set of objectives and timeline in order to maximise their training opportunities and development. Clinical Supervisors, Educational Supervisors and members of the HEE teams all have a role, but the primary responsibility for training progression sits with the individual trainee. 

Dental Core Trainees should have an RCP by six months and a Final RCP at the end of the year of training (normally within the last two months).

All RCP details can be found in the Dental Gold Guide: 

Panel Composition

  • Postgraduate Dental Dean or nominated deputy who will chair the panel.

  • TPD and / or educational supervisor(s) but not the trainee’s ES or CS(s) for the period under review

  • Academic member, where academic trainees are being reviewed

  • Associate Postgraduate Dean from a different Local Office / Deanery

  • Lay Representative

Trainee's do not attend the panel but will be notified of the outcome shortly after the RCP panel.

RCP Evidence

DCT RCP Evidence 2022 

DCT Final RCP Evidence 2022

Academic DCTs also need to complete and upload the Academic Progress Report 

Dates of the 2022 RCP Process

Interim RCP 2022

For Dental Core Trainees, the RCPs will be held on 2 March 2022, the deadline for evidence submission is 16 February 2022. 

For JDFCT Year 1 Trainees, the RCP will be held on 6 July 2022.

Final RCP 2022

For Dental Core Trainees and JDFCT Year 2 Trainees, the FRCP will be held on 6 July 2022. The deadline for trainees to upload their evidence is 22 June 2022