Mandatory Study Days.

All courses are booked via Maxcourse

The process for requesting study days and claiming expenses is available in the Study Leave policy

The curriculum delivery matrix is available here.

If you have any queries regarding your study days, please email 


DCT3s should use their study leave to attend courses/training/teaching in line with the targets set in their PDP. This should be discussed and agreed with your Educational Supervisor. 

Please click this link for DCT year 3 2022 - 2023 remote study days.

MaxCourse FAQs

How do I confirm I’m booked onto a course? 
Log on to Maxcourse and click on ‘My courses’. Next to the course you want to check you should see ‘Booked on course’ as long as we’ve received any payment that’s due, your place is confirmed.

I attended the course, but my status shows Unconfirmed attendance
This usually means we’re waiting for the signing in/out sheets to be returned, once we have them, we’ll update your attendance.

How do I cancel a course place? 
Log on to Maxcourse and click on ‘My courses’. Next to the course you want to cancel you’ll see a ‘Booking’ link, click on that, then click on ‘Cancel course’. NB if you cancel more than 4 weeks before the course date, your fee will be credited to your training account so you can use it to pay for another course. However if you cancel within 4 weeks we are unable to refund the course fee.

How do I obtain a receipt?
Log on to Maxcourse and click on ‘Account history’. You will see a list of bookings and payments that have been made. Click on the reference number for the payment you want a receipt for and scroll down the screen until you see 2 links ‘Email confirmation’ and ‘Printable version’ click on your preferred option to obtain a receipt.

Can I obtain more information on the venue? 
Log on to Maxcourse and click ‘My courses’. Click on the course title to bring up the course information. Click on the link at the side of the venue.

How do I print my certificate? 
Log on to Maxcourse and click ‘My courses’. When your attendance has been confirmed, there will be 2 links beside the course. Click on ‘Evaluation’ first and leave your feedback, you’ll then be able to click on your certificate and either print or save it.