Educational Courses available in each hospital

Each of the Trusts within the School of Anaesthesia delivers a variety of courses, some for their local trainees, some for the wider trainee body. This page lists each of the hospitals, the courses they run, and who to contact (where applicable).



Airedale District General Hospital

Airedale – Info obtained from Dr Josie Stewart, College Tutor

We run a fortnightly, in term time, afternoon teaching session for our trainees covering Primary curriculum and broader topics of interest to those post Primary and our EM ACCS trainees. In the past few months this has included a visit to a Vaporiser factory and to a Vets, along with the more usual Physiology and Pharmacology topics.  
For novices we have a daily tutorial programme for the first three weeks of their training. 
In Airedale itself we hold a Paediatric emergency course called APES three times per year which all trainees attend. ALS is also held here. Due to the smaller numbers of trainees we join the novice critical incident course with Bradford which I help teach on.  
We have our own Clinical Skills centre where we hold some Simulation sessions as part of our teaching

Barnsley District General Hospital
Bradford Royal Infirmary

Bradford –  College tutors Dr Tom Scarrott and Dr Andy Baker

BRI is a busy big DGH/(small teaching hospital if you like) with a large amount of interesting pathology which is one of its major draws for training. Unfortunately, the commute & parking are shocking!  

1)      In house teaching:  Good clinical in theatre teaching. Weekly (most weeks except Primary viva course weeks & school holidays) one hour, consultant-delievered usually clinical topics incl how to appraise a paper, EBM, Periop Medicine,QI. Also TIVA afternoon & CPX morning each twice/yr 

2)      BTHFT courses – Novice Critical Incident course (2 in Oct, one April), Transfer (3x/yr), Obs Critical Incidents (2/yr). The Trust run ‘Human Factors’ half day courses & Sim faculty development courses. Also CVC course 3x/yr. We run an AFOI course 2x/yr (COVID permitting) All bookings are taken via

3)      On site high-fidelity sim centre with sim courses as above. Occasional ad hoc in-situ sim (theatres, ICU, ED, obs). We run an annual Primary OSCE/SOE day in October & other than that provide in house SOE practice informally only.

3) For trainees returning to work after a period of absence we run GASagain 1-2 times/year (book via RCoA events) and ReACT (Return to Acute Care Training).

4) MDT courses: PROMPT monthly – all trainees attend, CRUMPET 4x/yr, PSTAC annually. One of our STs helps with trache training for the ENT juniors & Jill organises an ENT MDT sim training day in April

Many of the courses take place in our local Sim centre. 

We run a weekly tutorial in-house for all the trainees. We get a senior trainee to organise this, and a consultant delivers a topic of their choice.

Along, or as part of the departmental tutorials, we have an all morning or all afternoon teaching session on TIVA once a year, and an all morning session on CPX testing once a year.

Calderdale (Halifax) and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Course Title


Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.


Who to contact to apply for the course


Course Title


Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.

Multidisciplinary Labour ward sim based course aimed at care of high risk obstetric patients

Who to contact to apply for the course

Additional Notes

Novice critical incident simulation course run over August, September and October.

Additional information obtained from College Tutor, Dr Stephen Hill:

1. CT’s get wednesday afternoon each week, annual topic timetable, available for all CT’s (and ST’s if they want). Post Final encouraged to facilitate or do lists. ST’s have ability to go to Tufty, any exam practice up to 1/2 day a week. Nothing provided formally in house but adhoc ICU teaching sessions. All teaching on HRI site.

2. YODELS (Paul Knight. There is an AIMS course (maternity and midwife) ( We run a critical incident simulation course for novices over Aug to Nov.We do adhoc viva practice, I’m sure there are other courses, but I have had no further response from colleagues.

3. Local sim centre.

4. I think there is a tracheostomy care course run for nurses (Ross Kitson ICU CD), several sim courses (see above) and ALERT, ALS, APLS contact Sue.burton (in the learning centre.









Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Info obtained from Dr Reshma Bhosale – CT in Doncaster

We have the Montagu Sim centre

Apart from every Friday afternoon bleep free three hours teaching being delivered we also deliver curriculum training via regional courses like the Core and Specialty training conducted by Sheffield deanery.

We have also Trust based courses like: 

QI training courses

ENT masterclass

Obstetric emergency multi disciplinary course



Grimsby (Diana Princess of Wales) Hospitals
Harrogate District Hospital

Information obtained from Dr Katie Jepp, CT

1) We have a monthly full day teaching for our trainees

2) Courses - We run an in house CICO simulation and a transfer course for the novice trainees run by Will Peat ( our simulation lead. Usually once per year.

- I run an in house practice OSCE/viva afternoon before each primary sitting. (3x per year) although we have had a few candidates from other hospitals recently

- Sarah Sherliker ( our clinical lead runs a cross specialty leadership and management course for ST5+ twice a year (HELM course)

- Simon Holbrook (  runs a CVC line course 2-3 times per year

- Tamsin Livingstone ( runs a regional Obstetric emergencies simulation course annually

- We also help run the PROMPT course which runs monthly

Most of these happen in the simulation rooms in our PGME department.

Hull Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Course Title Anaesthesia Critical Incident Course (Novices)

Aimed at those doing IAC, critical incident sign off plus opportunity for DO3 and DO6 sign off.

Contact Sharmeen Lotia for details

Mid Yorks Hositals (Pinderfields / Dewsbury / Pontefract)

Course Title

MY FICE course

Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.

Focused Echocardiography in Intensive Care

This is a focused echo course targeted at senior trainees and consultants with an interest in Critical Care. It runs annually, usually in October/November, run by an experienced and enthusiastic faculty

Who to contact to apply for the course


Course Title

Yorkshire Difficult Airway Course

Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.

Course covering, amongst other elements, video-laryngoscopy and fibreoptic intubation (including AFOI). Combination of simulation and workshops. Approved for 5 RCOA CPD points

Who to contact to apply for the course



Course Title

MYRAG (Regional Anaesthesia)

Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.

Twice yearly regional anaesthesia course, covering ultrasound imaging for all types of regional anaesthesia

Who to contact to apply for the course

Additional info obtained from Dr Heinz Schulenburg, CT 

1.       In-house teaching is delivered on Wednesday mornings. Aug to Dec it is mainly aimed at Novice teaching and once the IAC is done we concentrate more on Primary FRCA teaching. This is delivered by the trainees themselves but chaired by consultants/SpRs for quality assurance. All CTs are excused from clinical duties to attend. ICU also does Wednesday morning teaching sessions for trainees on their ICU blocks. We also do a Weekly difficult case discussion lunchtime session for the whole dept, difficult cases are presented and trainees are encouraged to point out the issues and make an anaesthetic plan.

2.       MYRAG is a 3 times a year US regional course run by my colleagues – on a Saturday but involves a small fee that includes a Curry night out afterwards. Normally in January we run a OSCE/VIVA course. Prior to ST interviews we run a mock interview day where trainees get up to 3 goes at each station with obviously some constructive feedback. We also run a simulation OBS emergency course once a year. On top of this 2 of our CEPOD afternoons are dedicated simulation training, one with OBS and one for general emergencies. High fidelity done in theatre with the theatre staff and Midwifes.

3.       Our Simulation centre has 2 high fidelity simulation suites and we use these for IAC, CEPOD sessions as above.

Rotherham District General Hospital
Scarborough District General
Scunthorpe District General
Sheffield Children's Hospital
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (Northern General)

Information obtained from Dr Phil Bonnet, CT:

1)     We run a journal club/tutorial on a Tuesday afternoon

START (ST Anaesthetic Regional Teaching) teaching in a monthly teaching programme for all ST trainees which I co-ordinate (programme attached)

2)     Sheffield Airway Course run in March (contact

SKIPY Course – primary osce viva course (contact

Final Course (contact

SODA Course (Sheffield obstetric difficult airway course)

a weekly ‘block club’ for regional anaesthesia normally on a Thursday afternoon.

3)     Simulation courses in the south are run from the Mexborough montague sim centre (

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (Royal Hallamshire and Jessops Wing)

Course Title

Final FRCA Written Course June

Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.

Preparation for Final FRCA written

Who to contact to apply for the course



Course Title

Novice Critical Incident Course

Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.

Simulated critical incidences.

Who to contact to apply for the course


Course Title

Obstetric Critical Incident Course

Details about the course- who it is aimed at, what it covers etc.


Who to contact to apply for the course