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This section is for you the trainee and aims to answer some of the questions you may have.

Don’t forget to register with the College for both Core training and intermediate training. You will not be eligible to sit the FRCA examinations unless you are a registered trainee.

Training Programmes.

The School is keen to maintain a close dialogue with its trainees, listening to suggestions, providing explanations and agreeing the way forward. Trainees should meet with their Educational Supervisors in their training locality on a regular basis, and with their Training Programme Director at the Training Days and at annual review. An important link with the School, because trainees are scattered across numerous hospital sites in our large geographical area, is that of this website - it should be the main vehicle of communication, frequently read and responded to by our trainees. We aim to incorporate suggestions from our trainees whenever they feel that improvements can be made, and encourage feedback.

In addition, we have trainee representatives (TRs) on the Specialty Training Committees (STCs) in order to contribute the trainees’ perspective, and to raise concerns. More details about the STC can be found by clicking on the School Management tab at the top of the page.





For well over 20 years South Yorksire Trainees interests have been represented by CAT. 

CAT exists to provide both social and educational welfare for the trainee anaesthetists in the North Trent Region. It is run by the trainees, for the trainees. There is a CAT representative at every Specialty Training Committee meeting

CAT Annual Scientific Meeting

All trainees are given a chance to submit their audit and research activities to be presented at the annual scientific meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to see what is going on in the region and stimulates interest in research/audit. There is a prize for the best project and for the best poster presentation.

To learn more about CAT