Anaesthesia How Your School Works

School Management.

The School of Anaesthesia is responsible for the delivery of anaesthetic training in West, South and East Yorkshire. The Postgraduate Dean (Mr David Wilkinson) has overall responsibility for all post graduate training with the Deputy Dean (Dr David Eadington) having particular responsibility for Anaesthesia.


The Head of School (Dr Bret Claxton) is responsible for the day to day running of the school which is done by the Training Programme Directors (TPDs), of which there are several in each region. The TPDs manage the rotations in each region, allocate trainees to hospitals, organise and conduct annual assessments, plan trainee numbers and liaise closely with the College Tutors to ensure that appropriate training and delivery of the curriculum is carried out. Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber organises regular quality assurance visits as required by the GMC to ensure training standards are maintained in each hospital.

Training Committee

In each of the 3 programmes there is a Specialist Training Committee (STC). The STCs consist of Training Programme Directors, College Tutors, Regional Advisors, Trainee Representatives and Administrative staff. They meet quarterly to discuss issues with the rotation, training, manpower, out of programme experience, less than full time training, doctors in difficulty and generally any relevant issues pertaining to the training programme. If you want anything discussed at this forum then please contact the Trainee Representative or your Training Programme Director.

South Yorkshire CAT

For over 20 years South Yorkshire trainees have been represented on the STC by CAT - the Committe of Anaesthetists in Training. If trainees have concerns the CAT chair relays these to the STC for consideration.


Recruitment is a nationally coordinated process organised by the West Midlands LETB with interviews usually being held in Yorkshire and the Humber. There are usually 2 recruitment cycles per year and details including timescales, vacancies and person specifications can be found on the Specialties section.

Allocation to hospitals within a programme is done by the Training Programme Directors and is done so according to training needs.