Understanding your curriculum

The Anaesthesia training Programme can be broadly categorized into: 
CORE training and preparation for the Primary FRCA examination (Syllabus as set out in Annex B)
INTERMEDIATE training and preparation for the Final FRCA (Syllabus as set out in Annex C) and 
Post fellowship training made up of HIGHER (Annex D) and ADVANCED (Annex E). 
As well as different types of Anaesthesia, the curriculum also includes Intensive Care Medicine, (Annex F, which includes a competence progression grid for each domain of the ICM syllabus).
In addition, throughout all the stages of the curriculum, trainees are expected to gain competencies in improvement science, research and education, as well as Professionalism. Annex A describes ‘Appropriate Professionalism’ at each level, Annex G sets out the expectations in these other domains at the various stages of training.
The 7 “Annexes” which the curriculum is broken down into are illustrated below: