Changes to Specialty Training Programme ST3-6

Changes to Specialty Training Programme ST3-6

Monday, January 08, 2018 | anaesthetics.yh@hee.nhs.uk

Training Structure from recruitment to August 2018

Yorkshire and Humber School of Anaesthesia is a large school consisting of around 200 Specialty Training Posts located in 13 NHS trusts. Yorkshire offers a fantastic choice of exciting places to live but also covers a vast area and trainees often feel daunted when applying to such a big region. Following several surveys exploring trainees’ views of the training scheme the School is changing the format of its programmes to provide greater assurance to trainees about where they will train and the opportunities that they will be able to access.

Yorkshire and the Humber is fortunate to have three large tertiary centres: Hull (26 ST posts), Leeds (59 ST posts) and Sheffield (46 ST posts). It is anticipated that the majority of trainees joining the scheme from August 2018 onwards will spend time working in at least two of these tertiary centres during the first four years of Specialty Training in order to maximise their exposure to specialist skills in important areas of practice such as managing complex airways, dealing with major trauma and gaining confidence in paediatric cases.