Educational Supervision

The role of the Educational Supervisor is described in the GMC document 'A Guide to the organisation of Postgraduate Medical Education’. 

The Educational Supervision system varies slightly in the different regions.

In East and West you are assigned an Educational Supervisor when you arrive in each hospital for a placement.

In South Yorkshire you are assigned

  • A Clinical Supervisor in each hospital placement who looks after your training needs at a local level during your placement (meet with at the placement start and every 3 months minimum)
  • An Educational Supervisor who has global overview of your progression for each stage of training eg CT1/2, ST3/4, ST5-7 (meet with at the start and then every 6 months minimum and just before ARCP)

We are working towards unifying these systems so that ANY trainee in the HEE YH School of Anaesthesia has an ES that the keep for the entirety of their training. This is a transition process for the East and West between these two systems, therefore, you will be informed of your ES allocation at induction.

The Educational Supervisor role may be regarded as being like a mini college tutor. They will:

  1. On initial meeting set out the personal development plan for the trainee and have a learning agreement completed (also known as educational contract).
  2. Keep notes on each meeting and share with trainee.
  3. The PDP, learning agreement and meeting notes should all be uploaded/directly input onto the eportfolio.
  4. Identify any trainee in difficulty and refer appropriately.
  5. Review the trainees WPBAs, training units and MSFs.
  6. Generate an Educational Supervisors Structured Report (ESSR) at the end of the placement summarising the trainees’ attachment, units completed etc and describing any issues that may have arisen.

The ePortfolio Educational Supervisors Structured Report (ESSR) report is the most important piece of evidence presented to the ARCP panel and in fact the Educational Supervisor can make a recommendation for a particular outcome.