Educational Programme.

Scheduled teaching takes place in N/W/E Yorkshire and separately in South Yorkshire. For timetables and other information please see the options on the left.

Study Leave

Please note the following information from the Head of School regarding study leave entitlement:

We have had a number of enquiries as to why the study leave budget for some trainees has been top sliced.

This is to provide high quality focused and structured learning days for Trainees in the first few years of training. These study days may be rolled out to more senior Trainees in the future.

The School believes that such focused training days are much better value for money compared with conferences outside the Yorkshire Deanery as a lot of money is then used for travelling and hotel fees which would be better spent on direct training. Indeed, The Yorkshire and Humber Deanery will not allow funds for trainees to attend courses which are available locally.

Attendance for these days is compulsory and your Trainers are aware of the study days and the need for you to attend. This does involve you booking the day off well in advance. All dates for the study days are available on the Deanery website and I would suggest you start booking the days off within the next few weeks for next years study days.

The current training period is very short compared with 10 or 20 years ago. It is exactly for this reason that such focused study days have been developed to allow intensive training and enhance the chance of successful progression through the 7 years of training.

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