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Welcome to the School of Ophthalmology!

The School of Ophthalmology for Health Education England, working across Yorkshire and Humber is the largest regional school in the UK with up to 60 speciality trainees. There are two rotations, one based around Leeds and one around Sheffield. Within each rotation, all sub-specialities are covered. In addition, the rotation includes the national ophthalmic oncology in Sheffield and training in refractive surgery. There is an academic unit of ophthalmology in Leeds with significant opportunities to spend time in basic science research.

All trainees are timetabled to attend weekly post-graduate teaching. This is currently on a Tuesday afternoon in the North and a Wednesday afternoon in the South although there are plans to harmonise these educational sessions.

There are plans to establish a post-graduate certificate in ophthalmic management, linked to the University of Leeds, which will be delivered during the regional reaching half-days.

The School has a well-developed simulator program with three cataract simulators and two laser simulators in region. There is a mature and well-stocked wet-lab in Hull. The School supports a cadaveric strabismus course using Theil bodies. There are opportunities to apply for fellowships in leadership and simulation as well as a full range of Trainee Selected Component positions.

Yorkshire is a beautiful county with vibrant and historic cities and towns with some of the best countryside and coastline in the UK.  There is an excellent road and rail network connecting all reaches of the rotation. We will always try to accommodate personal requests to reduce travelling times if that is an issue.

I trained in Yorkshire and I am immensely grateful for the emphasis on high quality teaching and support that the School of Ophthalmology richly deserves. There are passionate trainers in each unit and we genuinely aim to produce the best qualified ophthalmologists in the UK. We really hope you will chose to apply to the ophthalmology training programme in the Yorkshire and Humber region. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy your 7 years with us.

I am really happy to hear from anyone interested in joining our rotation. If I can't answer your questions, I know someone who can! You can reach me at i.simmons@nhs.net.


Mr Ian Simmons

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Paediatric Ophthalmologist

Head of the Health Education England, School of Ophthalmology

Pouya Alaghband, ST3 in Ophthalmology

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