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Shadowing at Leeds Teaching Hospitals is only available to Leeds University Graduates. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Medical School, or the Trust on

Shadowing has now been replaced by a 6 weeks Student Assistantship Course. This is a mandatory course for University of Sheffield Graduates, but unfortunately we are unable to offer this to graduates from other universities. Further information can be obtained from the Medical school.

For queries relating to GMC Registration, please contact the GMC or the UKFPO.

If you require references for a mortgage or letting agencies to confirm your salary and banding, please do not contact the Yorkshire & Humber Foundation Schools, since we do not have salary and banding information. This information must be obtained from the local HR/salary and wages department. The phone numbers for the Trusts can be found on their respective websites. 

If your personal circumstances have changed since you applied, or part-way through your training, you can apply for an inter-Foundation School transfer. 

Please note that the criteria for an inter-Foundation School transfer are very strict, and you must have relevant documentation to support your application.

Further information can be found on the UKFPO Key Documents page. 

Details of HEE Yorkshire and the Humber policies can be found on the policies section.

Salary, banding and on-call are all managed by the Trusts. You should contact the Employing Trust. Contact details are usually available on the Trusts' websites. 

Information regarding absences from Foundation Training can be found on the GMC website:.


All FY2 doctors will complete either an audit or QI project in FY2. If trainees only complete an audit project then they will need to demonstrate the QI curriculum requirements (domain 3).

One way that trainees could demonstrate this is by completion of the online bronze award with HQUIP Yorkshire and Humber.

Audit or QI projects performed in FY1 will not suffice unless there is significant evidence of re audit or implementation activity for QI in FY2.

This will be for TPDs to decide and document at ARCP.

You can also complete the Bronze QI Award at the following link: 

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