Trainer Resources.

Educational Appraisal Guidance

As part of revalidation all trainers should have their educational role appraised annually. TPDs and others with educational roles contracted with HEE YH would be expected to have an induction meeting and then yearly educational appraisals. The HEE YH Educational appraisal framework document has combined aspects of national and local appraisal documents currently in use.

Who should do educational appraisals?

Usually heads of schools (HOS), but could be deputies, senior GP educators, APDs (all should be trained appraisers).

What to do when an educational appraisal is completed

It is the responsibility of the TPD/senior educator to e-mail with the date of completion, name of appraiser and input into trust medical appraisal guide (MAG).

Monitoring of compliance

Feedback provided to individual Heads of School on compliance rates at meetings every 3-4 months. 

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