Heads of School.


The Heads of Schools are responsible for the overall management of the training programmes in that specialty and its related sub-specialties.

Aims of the Schools

  • to deliver the education and training to the standards set by the Royal College/College/Faculty and GMC
  • to set up quality control mechanisms that reflect the General Medical Council (GMC) agreed curricula and the relevant Royal College / College / Faculty
  • to promote excellence in all aspects of the work of the School
  • to support and encourage innovation in training and education

The GMC “domains” that must be reflected in quality control mechanisms for medical education and training are:

  • Patient Safety
  • Quality assurance, review and evaluation
  • Equality and Diversity and Opportunity
  • Recruitment, selection and appointment
  • Delivery of curriculum including assessment
  • Support and development of trainees, trainers and local faculty
  • Management of Education and Training
  • Educational resources and capacity
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