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This page is intended for news relating to SAS education and I intend to keep it there despite the ongoing political situation. News of the recent budget has been added.


Much recent interest has centred on hte current state of the NHS and the effect of Brexit, summarised in BMA Chair Chaand Nagpaul’s New Year Message, a copy of wich is here. Recent other papers on Brexit can be found on the page below. Brexit is, and will continue to be, a cause of concern for all sectors of the NHS. I will attempt to keep pertinent articles accessible here. However persistent underfunding is becoming dangerous.


The Royal College of Physicians announced that it will be appointing SAS regional representatives. If you are interested apply but I understand applications closed on 31 October 2017.

There are recent publications on workplace harrassment and bullying, see below, under "NHS Staff Surveys". See also Career support for SAS doctors in the SAS development section.


The last few months have been very slow for SAS news.


Those of us who are members of will probably be aware of a new forum regarding the November 2017 budget. For other budget news please see NHS staff surveys and financial news below.


I am told that study leave budgets are now very poor in the Trent area with virtually all of the Trusts running at a deficit and that study leave is rarely approved. The results of the 2016 NHS Staff Survey have now been published; see below.


Consequently we have to ensure that our CME is kept up-to-date. The GMC publish an app which may well help. I easily installed this on my Android tablet: it is also available for Apple IOS. I'm not able to make use of this myself ( retired ) but would like to hear from you about it. There is also a new GMC app for Good Medical Practice available from the same page. Could anyone write a review? The download link is now on the "Resources" page.


In great contrast is the SAS charter. This originated in 2004 but was recently revised. I have included a copy here for you all to peruse. It lists all the ways your employer  should be supporting you. The English version is also available on the "Resources" page.


Mental health provision for young people  is of a great concern nationally. A recent report shows the situation in Yorkshire. More recently severe bed shoratges have been shown across adult services.


There are reports that there may be pay rises in excess of 1%!  Current pay scales are listed under SAS contracts.  I have also included links to NHS Employers below. Cuts to disability services have had widespread implications, with some people crowdfunding whellchairs.


There are new ( Feb 2017 ) documents on SAS development, see below.


The GMC has, at long last, revealed pending changes to revalidation, following Sir Keith Pearson’s report, as reported by the National Health Executive and pulse Magazine. There is an "Action Plan" on the same GMC webpage.


Other news items will be gleaned from the internet largely from, I suspect, the BMA and GMC sites. I will attempt to reference open access pages as much as possible. Please let me know if a page is restricted or non-existent!




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Yorkshire SAS on Twitter

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