This section is for you the trainee and aims to answer some of the questions you may have.

The School is anxious to maintain a close dialogue with its trainees, listening to suggestions, providing explanations and addressing issues in training together. Trainees should meet with their Educational Supervisors on a regular basis, and with their Training Programme Director at Training Days and at annual review. The school website represents an important link with the School and should be the main vehicle of communication between trainees and the Yorkshire & Humber School. We aim to incorporate suggestions regarding the website from our trainees whenever they feel that improvements can be made, and encourage feedback.

In addition, we have trainee representatives (TRs) on the schemes' Specialty Training Committees (STCs) and the School management committee in order to contribute the trainees' perspective. The Trainee Representatives are listed in the contacts section. All of these TRs meet together regularly with the TPDs and are encouraged to represent the location in which they are currently working. By these means any trainee should be able to channel issues to the approriate person. In addition direct contact with the Head of School is appropriate if there are issues that cannot be resolved locally or concern all of the training schemes.

The induction checklist highlights some important steps to be taken when you begin training.

Sources of help outlines where trainees might find support for themselves

The FAQ section will hopefully answer any other questions you may have.

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