Trainees in the School of Radiology have appraisal and assessment built into their training. 


Appraisal is a discussion between the trainee and their educational supervisor about goals to be set or those that have been achieved. It should be a two-way communication that is informal, non-threatening, and confidential. The main aim of appraisal is to encourage and support the trainee. It is designed to help optimise training to the particular needs of individual trainees.  One of the outcomes of appraisal is the Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the coming year.


Assessment assures and improves the quality of postgraduate medical training, and thus optimises clinical practice.  It is the formal measurement of performance by specially developed and validated methods for the purposes of classifying an individual against a standard. Trainees will experience formative local assessments when they undertake Workplace Based Assessments and summative external assessments in the form of the College examinations. The college examinations are outlined on the RCR website and Workplace Based Assessments are described and recorded in the e-portfolio.

At the end of each placement a Placement Report must be completed by the clinical supervisor.

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