The aim of the school is to provide top quality training in radiology throughout Yorkshire and the Humber.  The school encompasses three training schemes of differing sizes, all of which aim to train to the highest standards. In addition to the overview of each scheme provided on this page, all have their own web pages, accessible via links from this site. I would encourage you to explore these pages, and if you would like to find out more about any of our training schemes, please contact the appropriate Training Programme Director. 

Although our three training schemes are all fully equipped to train new starters to consultant level, there are also shared training opportunities within the school, and trainees requiring specialist experience unavailable in their own scheme are encouraged to obtain it elsewhere within Yorkshire and the Humber. Links between the three training schemes are also strengthened by an annual school conference and training days attended by trainees from all three centres.

I hope that exploring our website will encourage you to find out more about radiology training in Yorkshire and The Humber. If you do decide to apply here, and are successful, you can be assured of top quality training and a very warm welcome.

Dr Jai Patel
Head of The Yorkshire and Humber School of Radiology

Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber’s School of Radiology provides high quality training across Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

There are three separate training programmes based in Hull, Leeds and Sheffield all with unique characteristics and training opportunities. Shared training facilities and experiences have been established and trainees will continue to benefit from these rapidly expanding initiatives.

All of the Programmes are noted for:

  • excellent examination results at all FRCR examination levels
  • equal opportunities recruitment and employment
  • support for less than full time training 
  • availability of consultant job opportunities 

There are easily accessible airports both within Yorkshire and surrounding counties and excellent rail and road links to the rest of the UK with ferry links from Hull to mainland Europe. Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire have an extensive coastline, whilst inland there are three of our national parks (the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors) all within easy commuting distance of some of our major city centres. This allows an easy balance to be struck between work/city life and outdoor pursuits and is a factor in a notably high proportion of our trainees choosing to stay in Yorkshire for consultant posts at the end of their training.

Quality of life in Yorkshire is cited by most of our current trainees as the foremost reason for choosing to train in Yorkshire. The cost of living is relatively low in Yorkshire compared with much of the rest of the UK. This is despite our major towns and cities having thriving financial, cultural, sporting and shopping centres with excellent night life and restaurants.

Hull is the smallest programme, with around twenty trainees, based in and around Hull and York in North and East Yorkshire. This programme provides excellent pastoral care for trainees with lots of direct hands on experience provided by a highly motivated consultant body. There are good sub-speciality training opportunities in the later years especially in head and neck and interventional radiology. There is a thriving academic department of radiology.

Leeds/Bradford is the largest of the three training programmes, based mainly in West Yorkshire, with 70 trainees. During the first three years of training, trainees have both formal and practical training in the radiology academy (one of only three such modern DoH funded training facilities in the UK) in conjunction with clinical experience throughout West Yorkshire. Sub-speciality training opportunities are available in nuclear medicine, MSK, oncology, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, paediatrics and GI radiology.

Sheffield is a medium sized training programme, based mainly in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, with over 35 trainees. The programme provides very structured training for the first three years with excellent supervision and hands on experience supported by a supportive consultant body. The programme enjoys the proximity of a thriving academic department of radiology with encouragement to become involved in radiological research and audit at an early stage. This programme has received support for funded Academic Clinical Fellowship and Academic Clinical Lectureship  (ACF and ACL) posts. There are opportunities for sub-speciality training in several specialities including vascular, paediatric, neuroradiology and radionuclide imaging.


Key Contacts

Interim Head of School

Dr Jai Patel


Dr Rachel Hyland (Leeds)

Dr Ruth Batty (Sheffield)

Dr Raghuram Lakshminarayan (Hull)


The School is supported by an HEE programme management team based in our Leeds office.

Preyai Mall and Gareth Spicer are principal contacts for trainees and can be contacted by emailing the School

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