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   Future Leaders Programme

Information For Fellows.

The Future Leaders Programme offers the Clinical Leadership Fellows a wide variety of learning opportunities which can be tailored to the individual’s leadership learning needs.  Please click on the sections below to learn more about the educational opportunities available, and to find useful policies and documents specific to the Clinical Leadership Fellowships.

"Any fellows that have work accepted for national or international conferences/publications please let Mr Jon Hossain know via email and also email details to:  The same process is to be followed for any discussion with local, national or international press."

The Leader's Digest is the monthly newsletter sent to all Leadership Fellows. The publication is completely fellow led and contains information on future events, book and course reviews and potential opportunities for leadership fellows. 

The most recent edition is available to view here.

You can also view older versions of the Digest here.

For future courses run through the Future Leaders programme, please click here.

Fellows meet on a bimonthly basis, please view the bimonthly meeting dates for more information.

To see a full calendar showing both FLP courses and events run externally please see our current calendar of events.

There are various different conferences throughout the year which fellow are able to present their work at. This is in addition to the fellow organised FLP and QI conferences. We suggest familiarising yourself with the dates and deadlines early in your year to avoid missing out. Funding is potentially available, please discuss with Mr Hossain, Deputy Dean.

Potential conferences:

Developing Excellent in Medical Education (DEMEC) - November

Leaders in Healthcare - October/November

The Clinical Leadership Fellows are supported to undertake a relevant one year postgraduate qualification e.g. in leadership or medical education.  View the document on academic courses for more information.

We recommend that all Leadership Fellows complete a 360 at a point of their choosing during their fellowship year.

Some of you have college or faculty tools which you may wish to use.

For those who would like an alternative, our preferred option is the NHS Health Care Leadership Model 360 tool. This is an online tool, which gathers info from your raters via email and online forms, and then comprises a 2 hour feedback session.

The procedure for accessing a 360 appraisal is as follows :

Contact e-mail if you wish to proceed.  Your feedback session takes 2 hours so will need to be booked in both your diary and your facilitators diary well in advance.  It is usually recommended that you have a short briefing call with your facilitator in advance to go through how you can get the most out of the process.

For details, please see the 360 Appraisal Notes.

All leadership fellows are encouraged to access the HEE YH Coaching Scheme, which offers 4-6 sessions of coaching with a trained coach. The aim of coaching is to increase potential and enhance the careers of those who access it. Sessions are confidential and do not form part of educational assessment. 

See More. 

People access coaching for a variety of reasons, and there are no right or wrong ones.

Some examples are:

  • There is something at stake, e.g. a challenge  or development opportunity and you want to make the most of it
  • You want to achieve different outcomes, improve your performance, or improve your leadership or management skills
  • You have yet to identify your key strengths and how best to utilise them
  • You perceive a gap in your knowledge, skills, confidence or resources

Coaching complements the other components of the leadership year and has the potential to enhance leadership confidence and impact.

Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy

Two day 'Introduction to Quality Improvement Course' designed to introduce the basics of quality improvement through a mixture of presentation, video and practical exercises, and is aimed at anyone who is interested in quality improvement, as a leader, a potential MCA coach or as part of an improvement team.

A personal note:

This course is a real eye opener!  Out of all the medical courses I have ever been on (and I've been on a few), this stands out as the best ……by a mile.  This course will take you to away from the unknown unknowns.

The variety of candidates and interactive presentations made both days a huge success.  If anyone is interested in quality improvement and service development this course surely is a must.

Duncan Miller, Quality Improvement Fellow

View further details.

The HOPE Exchange programme hosted by the Leadership Academy in the UK

Saira Ghafur took part in the HOPE Exchange Programme and provided the below outline: 

HOPE is the EuropeanHospital and Healthcare Federation which aims to improve healthcare for European citizens. Each year they run a four week exchange programme with varying themes. This year it is Quality improvement and the year before it was patient safety and quality. It is open to all members of the MDT who have some experience of leadership and management. The exchange culminates with an evaluation conference in the lead country.

This was an excellent experience to learn more about patient safety, quality and health policy at an international level. Despite very different health systems in each of the countries, you soon realise that we are all faced with very similar challenges. It is a great opportunity for collaboration and learning about best practice from other countries.

Applications for the programme open in October and you will need your host Trust/Deanery to help support the process. You may also require a language test depending on which country you are placed in.

View more information on the programme.

Alternatively you can contact Hilary Watkins who is the national coordinator for the UK:

My contact details are to find out more information about the programme.

Saira Ghafur took part in the Porter Intensive Seminar and provided the below outline:

The Porter Intensive Seminar is held on an annual basis at Harvard Business School. It is run by Professor Michael Porter, author of the book ‘Redefining Healthcare’. The course is based on the principle of value based healthcare delivery and uses case studies, mainly from the US and some international examples. It focuses on what value being based on patient outcomes for every dollar/pound spent on healthcare. The course also looks at different ways of delivering healthcare and the importance of measuring outcomes. The course is very interactive and all students are expected to prepare for the discussions and actively participate.

The course intake is on a competitive basis and applications open in September. If you are accepted on the course, tuition fees are paid by HarvardBusinessSchool. This is a fantastic opportunity, one which I would highly recommend. It helps develop alternative ways of thinking about value and outcomes for patient and different approaches to healthcare delivery.

It is also worth joining the Diagnosis group on Linkedin which advertises application dates for the seminar.

Risk Management   

International Association of Risk Management in Medicine
2nd World Congress of Clinical Safety – 12-13thSep – Heidelberg - 

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management
27-29th Oct – Austin -

On completion of your Fellowship Year, please complete this evaluation and the Post Summariessheet.  Once you have completed your post summary please email it to .

We also ask Fellows to complete a further evaluation 6 months after completing the programme.

Curriculum Delivery Policy

For OOP Trainees on Future Leaders Programmes, view the Curriculum Delivery Policy in the policies section.

Extensions to Fellowships.

For details on applying for extensions to Fellowship posts please see the Guidance and the Extension Request Form on the policies section.

Useful documents

A range of useful templates, forms and documents are available for download for use by fellows from the following link.

For an overview of the Future Leaders Programme please click here.

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