CPD and Supervision Requirements.

Our coaches are required to attend a minimum of two out of four CPD/Supervision events per year.  The dates and venues for the next CPD events are:




Tuesday 16 May

Willow Terrace Road, Leeds

Sandra Grealy

Thursday 7 September

Don Valley House, Sheffield

To be confirmed

Tuesday 5 December

Willow Terrace Road, Leeds

To be confirmed


Past CPD events have covered:

1. Building resilience for coach and coachee

Resilience is about a person’s capacity to handle difficult times and also about their ability to ‘bounce-back’ after a set-back or disappointment.  So it is crucially important in coaching where, by definition, there is some kind of change agenda.  How can you help your coachee remain resourceful in the face of difficult circumstances, of uncertainty caused by organisational change, or faced with inappropriate behaviour of people around them?

Similarly, coaches are not immune from these challenges and retaining a positive internal state is vital if we are to coach effectively.
This CPD event will provide knowledge and tools, from Positive Psychology and elsewhere, to use immediately in your coaching.  It will also offer a lot of useful ideas which you can use yourself.

 2. Being your best:  Building on strengths to lead and work effectively

If you are a doctor, then you are in a leadership role:  at least part of the time.  Current research tells us that you will be at your most effective if you know your own natural areas of strength and work to make these not just good, but outstanding.

This workshop will be based on recent psychology research into strengths and their use.  It will look at the mindset which underpins the strengths approach, how to identify and build core strengths – and crucially too, what to do about weaknesses.

As coaches, we need to help people gain insight into themselves.  Working with strengths – ie ‘what works’ more than with ‘what needs fixing’ - can be motivating and liberating for our coachees.  As a coach you will find this research important for your own development too.

3. Career Coaching – building your toolkit as a coach

Career choices, dilemmas and challenges are some of the commonest issues we encounter and work with in coaching.  It is an area where we can draw upon an extensive range of tools, techniques and approaches to add great value for our coachees - supporting them in making decisions that are not only personally congruent, but also acknowledging the broader context of their lives.

This workshop will look at some of the most typical dilemmas and challenges in the in the career-coaching cycle, looking at topics such as working with coachees to assess the need for change, helping coachees to get deeper insight and clarity into their values and drivers and the use of psychometrics to capture their personal ‘brand’. 

We will also look at working with coachees to help them present themselves on paper and in person, and handling interviews and assessments.

4. Coaching at Transitions and Life Stages

This workshop looks at coaching individuals through key transition points and stages in their lives.  Some may be specific events such as moving jobs or redundancy or more global events such as becoming a parent or entering that span of time often called mid life.  

It will draw upon psychological concepts from a range of disciplines – lifespan development, positive psychology, management theory and sociology to help you build insight and confidence in using your coaching expertise more broadly.  We will explore the tensions between change and continuity and the recurring themes of identity, values, purpose, sense of loss and letting go of roles and discuss and experience tools, techniques and coaching approaches to work successfully with these.

This CPD event will also consider generational factors and the different experiences and expectations of “veterans” through to “Generation Y” and “Z” and helpful approaches when coaching different groups.  

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