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Monday, July 07, 2014 |

Congratulations  to Geraldine Birks and Julia Armstrong, dental care professional tutors, on graduating with a  BA honours degree in Education and Training. 

After three years of hard work and studying, they are proud of their success and the recognition it has given them.Geraldine Birks and Julia Armstrong

“We’ve got a better depth of knowledge now.  We’ve had to unpick what’s actually going on in Education and all the government led initiatives. This has helped us understand the bigger picture and filter it down to frontline delivery,” says Julia Armstrong.

Geraldine Birks  adds,“Our degree has helped develop our skills and knowledge for writing courses – such as the Extended Duties course for dental nurses. The degree has given us an expertise and helped us when  piloting quite innovative courses.

 For a personal account of Geraldine and Julia’s educational journey, please read the recent article published in Vital magazine.

Vital Article

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