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   Broad Based Training

The Programme.

The Programme

The BBT programme consists of 4 six month posts in Core Medical Training, General Practice, Paediatrics and Psychiatry.

In each post, trainees should get to experience aspects of each the other three specialties pertinent to that post. For example whilst undertaking the six month rotation in General Practice, experience may be gained in managing psychiatric, paediatric and long term conditions. Likewise when rotating through Psychiatry, trainees may experience aspects of Paediatric Psychiatry, Community Psychiatry and spend time with patients with long term conditions seeing how this can affect their overall mental health.

Trainees will be allocated an Educational supervisor who will be able to support and advise throughout the two year programme. There will be regular teaching sessions with peers on the BBT programme and trainees will be encouraged to undertake audit and/or research as appropriate.

A BBT Eportfolio has also now been established to allow trainees the opportunity to record evidence of progression and complete the required work placed based assessment requirements.

Useful information can also be found on the websites of the four participating Schools:

General Practice

Core Medical Training



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