Broad Based Training.

Healthcare provision is changing its focus from single acute episode care delivered in acute hospitals, to the management of long term conditions delivered within community settings, putting the patient's needs at the centre of such care.

The Broad Based Training (BBT) Programme has subsequently been designed to give trainees a broad experience of specialties with complementary aspects. Trainees will have the opportunity to hone their focus to the specialties that provide the challenge of managing complex, multi-factorial problems. They will be able to explore working beyond the artificial boundaries of healthcare and to develop a better understanding of individual patient journeys across the various sectors and agencies involved in health and social care.

BBT will also allow trainees to develop their skills in managing complexity and assessing associated risk, and will give them a firm grounding in the provision of patient focused care. They will have the opportunity to gain experience in integrated care provision in both primary and secondary care settings, and the programme will allow time to explore the different integrated specialties before moving to their chosen career pathway.

Broad Based Training is a two-year structured Core Training programme providing six-month placements in Core Medical Training, General Practice, Paediatrics and Psychiatry followed by CT/ST2 level training in one of the four specialties, subject to satisfactory progression.

BBT will give trainees invaluable experience, equipping them for working within the integrated NHS of the future. On successful completion of the programme, trainees will be well equipped to enter into any one of the four specialties at ST/CT2 level.


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