Post Approval Process.

The General Medical Council (GMC) is the sole competent authority responsible for the approval of posts and programmes that directly contribute to the award of a CCT. Trainee doctors who wish to receive a CCT at completion of their training must follow a GMC approved curricula in GMC approved training posts and programmes. 

Using the Generic Standards for Training, the GMC assess each application and grant conditional or unconditional approval, taking into account the views of HEE YH and the college or faculty.

Approval of Specialty Training Programmes and Posts

To receive approval of a Training Programme or additional posts within a programme; Heads of Schools along with their local Training Programme Directors must complete certain paperwork and submit this to the Quality Team Administrator responsible for GMC Approvals.

All programmes within HEE YH have undertaken this process and received formal approval by the GMC.  A complete list of approved programmes can be downloaded on the right hand menu.

Specialty Training Programme (Hospital and GP)

To gain GMC approval for a Specialty Training Programme the following paperwork must be submitted:

  • Covering letter – including reasons for new programme
  • Completed Form A

Amendments to a Specialty Training Programme – including addition of Posts (Hospital and GP)

In order for amendments to be made to a Training Programme the following paperwork must be submitted:

  • Covering letter – detailing the details of the new post / amendments to the programme
  • Letter from the Royal College confirming their approval of the changes to the programme
  • Completed Form B (or form B – GP)
Why a FORM B?

There is no longer a MTC on programmes; therefore approval is required for each new site that has previously not held a training post. Due to this a new FORM B must be completed for each additional location. This is to ensure that Training Programme Directors are able to identify each of the posts (ST posts and LTFT posts) within the approved programme for future monitoring and quality assurance purposes.

Approval and Re-approval of GP Trainers and Training Practices 

If you wish to become a GP Trainer please review the 'New and Intending GP Trainer Approval' section of the School of Primary Care HEE YH page.

If you require information regarding the requirements of re-approval please review the 'GP Trainer Re-Approval' section of the School of Primary Care HEE YH page. 

GMC Information

Links to all GMC Approval Forms and Guidance can be found on the GMC website. 

For further information regarding this process or completion of the required forms, please contact Alison Poxton, Quality Administrator. 

** Please note the GMC will not retrospectively approve posts or programmes – there are no exceptions.

Amendment to the Generic Standards for Training - Consenting

There has been a change to one of the requirements in the GMC's Generic standards for training. The amendment relates to trainees taking consent for procedures they do not perform, but which they understand and can explain to patients. 
Full details of the change, including an insert page for hard copies of the standards, can be found on the GMC website.