Pathology Curriculum Delivery and Teaching


General overview of training

The School of Pathology provides training in all the various branches and sub-disciplines of pathology, throughout all levels of clinical expertise. Where specific educational requirements are required from outside Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber, these are supported as part of career progression. 

The rotations available

Post allocation and rotations reflect the individual realities of the programmes around Yorkshire and the Humber. The School is sympathetic to specific personal circumstances of individual trainees, but these must be communicated with Training Programme Directors and Educational Supervisors early in order to facilitate changes where possible. However, there is a balance to ensure that the programme can appropriately accomodate all the trainees. He/she cannot give a bias to any one trainee, and must meet the training needs of all equally. It is emphasised that all training is deemed flexible, to ensure the needs of individual trainees are met, whilst mapping against the curriculum. 

Inter-Deanery Transfers (IDT)

These are accepted as the natural consequence of changing personal circumstances at the stage of life that many trainee doctors have whilst in higher Post-Graduate education.  Prompt communication with the Programme Director and individual Educational Supervisors is advocated to facilitate matters. Details of the process can be found in the policies section of our website.