Dear Trainee

Welcome to the Yorkshire School of Paediatrics.

The Paediatric STEPP is a collaborative regional based education programme hosted across many Trusts. This ensures trainees have access to protected and structured education days delivered by excellent speakers and experts in their field.

The STEPP course has now been running for 10 years within the region and in 2018 we undertook a full review of the schedules, content and format. Going forward there is greater integration of the regional exam courses, continued emphasis on simulation-based training and specific training on safe prescribing with access to the national paediatric SCRIPT modules. The course is mapped to the new RCPCH curriculum – Progress ensuring opportunities to develop your wider professional skills

We host the training days in different centres and run the days a minimum of 2 times and often more frequent for simulation events. This does mean at times you will have to travel between centres. Vicky Williamson is the Senior Postgraduate Administrator based in Bradford & works hard to distribute the days evenly trying her best to link with Rota coordinators . Attendance is mandatory and reported compliance is available to your ARCP panel. We do recognise the challenges of getting away from work with the new work schedules and we do our best to accommodate changes with appropriate notice. Please be organised and work with the local departments, your colleagues and Vicky.

Every course centre delivers the training on a voluntary basis and has done for many years. Please respect this by turning up on time and participating in a mature and appropriate manner.

Attached below are the course outlines for the 3 years

Good Luck and enjoy your time in Yorkshire !!           

Simon Frazer      
STEPP Course Director