Trainees are allocated to ST1 and ST3 training placements by the Sheffield GPSTP.  The ST3 placement will be at a different practice to the ST1 placement with a different patient demographic and you will not be allocated to a practice in either ST1 or ST3 if you were placed there in F2.

Please also let Linda know if you are a patient at one of our training practices.

There is a file in the GPSTP office, which is available only to trainees, with feedback from those that have worked in the practices previously.

The office staff remove all feedback after it has been in this file for 3 years so that out of date material is not left there.  Please contact Linda or Sue to arrange a date and time to call in if you wish to review the feedback.

Each practice has a practice profile, Form B and sample timetables on the website which is intended to provide information to the prospective trainees.These area available via the link below:

Training Posts