Inter/Intra-Deanery Transfers

Should you wish to apply to transfer either within the Yorkshire & The Humber Deanery (Intra Deanery Transfer), or to a different Deanery (Inter Deanery Transfer), please contact the GPSTP Office in the first instance.

Please note that transfer requests will normally only be considered after you have been in training for 12 months at the point of the transfer and also there must be well-founded personal reasons as a result of a significant, unforeseen change to your situation since your original appointment to the programme.

The Inter Deanery Transfer process is coordinated nationally by London Deanery with 2 'windows' per year:

Information on how to apply for a transfer to another training programme within Yorkshire and The Humber is available at:

These applications can be made at any time but as mentioned above, you must have been in training for at least 12 months by the time the transfer takes place.