College/Specialty Tutors.

College/Specialty Tutors

Defined as a Trainer who is appointed to oversee postgraduate medical training within a specific specialty/programme, promote the learning environment, support Trainers & Trainees and be responsible for ensuring that the programme(s) are delivered to the desired local and national standards.

The role

Within the Local Education Provider each specialty requires a lead for Postgraduate Medical Education who is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the educational, pastoral & career planning needs of all trainees in the department at all levels and on all programmes are addressed
  • Maintaining an environment within the department conducive to training and that all those within the multi-professional team understand their role in providing clinical supervision to the trainee
  • Supporting the Educational Supervisors and Trainers in their role particularly when there is a trainee who requires additional support for whatever reason
  • Ensuring the quality control of the education and training delivered within that department according to local, regional and national standards
  • With increasing sub-specialisation, particularly in medicine and surgery, there may be a need for several specialty tutors where traditionally there was only one College Tutor
  • Providing a communication channel to the Royal College
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