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Foundation Trainee.


What Can You Expect?

Psychiatry, with its blend of Psychosocial and Physical aspects of Medicine is intellectually challenging and rewarding to practice.  Team working is fundamental - Psychiatrists work in teams with a wide range of disciplines and the contribution the Doctors make is hugely valued and respected. 

Foundation Trainees get a glimpse of this working environment and the rewards that come from working within teams that are built on respect and cooperation.  The work at times is challenging but there is rarely a sense of 'not making a difference' with huge positive feedback from both Patients and their relatives when the teamwork and plans come together in success. 

Foundation Trainees are well supported by their Clinical Supervisors and teams.  They have the opportunity to participate in groups led by experienced Psychiatrists which allow them to reflect on their experiences and their own reactions to the Clinical work they do.


"I started my Psychiatry job placement feeling apprehensive, not knowing what to expect.  I feel it is fair to say that anybody who starts this job the first time would feel the same but I never regretted this job.  I was given a lot of responsibility and a chance to exert my individual contribution to the team.  My clinical skills were well used and practiced.  I met many interesting and inspiring characters.  These experiences I value greatly.  I came into this placement with limited knowledge; I have now left this placement knowing what is the right path for my future career."

Dr Francis Felix, F2
West Yorkshire


"This was my first ever job as a doctor.  I was immediately made to feel welcome within the multi-disciplinary team and was quickly became involved in all aspects of the care of the patients.  This post, and the people I worked with, inspired me to pursue a career in Psychiatry.  The professional relationships I formed with patients went beyond any other I have experienced in other placements and I could not imagine applying for any other specialty!"

Dr Helen Henfrey, F2
West Yorkshire

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