Assessment / Appraisal.

Various methods of appraisal are employed within the school to ensure satisfactory progress of training.

Annual Review of Competence and Progression (ARCP)

In line with GMC guidance, we will be changing the way we carry out ARCPs.

80-90% of ARCPS will be now be performed without the trainee present.

Trainees will be invited to attend if it is predicted that the outcome of the ARCP will be any other than ‘Outcome 1’ and in addition a random sample of 10% will be invited.

In the absence of the trainee, all that can be assessed is the evidence submitted. It is therefore essential that the evidence is clear and complete.

The forms you will be required to submit for your ARCP (clinical supervisor’s & educational supervisor’s reports) can be accessed on the shared resources section of the e portfolio.

Fill in these forms as much as you are able before meeting with your educational supervisor in advance of the ARCP.

In order to complete their report, your educational supervisor will need to review your clinical supervisors’ reports. Ensure that you have had a report completed by each clinical supervisor that you have worked with for the last year. (You & they will find this easiest to complete towards the end of your attachment with them)

Your educational supervisor will also need to review the results of your MSF, so make sure you request this feedback with plenty of time to spare. As a guide start at least 8-10 weeks before your ARCP.

Your educational supervisor will need to verify that you have completed your mandatory workplace based assessments. Ensure the ‘traffic light page’ in the e-portfolio shows green for ST1s-3s and an appropriate percentage of WBAs are completed for ST4s and above. They are asked to verify that these assessments are spread evenly throughout the attachment period.

Upload copies of each of the completed forms (labeled according to the convention described in the introduction to the educational supervisor report) to your e portfolio and associate them to the relevant ARCP. (Please note this will include uploading a copy of your receipt for completion of the GMC survey)

This process should be completed 2 weeks prior to your ARCP, so that the panel can review your completed eportfolio in advance of the meeting.

If in completing your educational supervisors report, you and your educational supervisor feel it is likely you will not be awarded an Outcome 1, please contact Owen Stewart as soon as possible, so it can be arranged that you attend your ARCP meeting.

As we have always found meeting with trainees beneficial for planning training, the panel plan to continue to meet with trainees after the ARCP process has been completed. The time table to the right of this page will therefore show your name twice- the first time will be your ARCP which you will not attend (unless indicated) and the second time will be your meeting with the panel.

After the ARCP you will be sent a copy of the ARCP discussion form, indicating the outcome and your future training needs. You should pass a copy of this form to your next educational supervisor, to help plan your next attachment.

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