Core Curriculum Changes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 | Dr Jackie Tay, Head of School

The RCOG core curriculum has been updated from August 2016.

Please can you ensure you are familiar with the updates/changes from now going forwards.

The new 2016 curriculum applies to all trainees with the esception of:

1. Current ST 7 trainees. Those moving into ST7 from 1st November 2016 will be assessed using the new curriculum.

2. Current Sub-specialty trainees. Those taking up SST after 3rd August 2016 will be assessed using the new curriculum.

There are 2 new requirements for ST 2 trainees - RoBUST and Step-Up. These are now within YMTP and are mandatory before progression to ST 3.

No other new competencies have been added to the curriculum. The new requirements mainly relate to a HIGHER level of knowledge.

Please check with your TPDs if you have any queries.

College Tutors have also been informed of the new changes.

Further information is available here:

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