HEYH Annual Medical Education Conference.

Friday, November 21, 2014 | Trudi Philips




Welcome – Mr David Wilkinson, Postgraduate Dean, HEYH


Better Training, Better Care – Mr Patrick Mitchell, Director of National Programmes HEE


The State of Medical Education and Practice Report – Rachel Woodall, GMC, Regional Liaison Officer * See additional GMC links below


Having time to stand and stare – Mr James Tomlinson & Dr Polly Dickerson, Leadership Fellows, HEYH


SCATY & FEEL – Dr Peter Taylor, Postgraduate Deputy Dean, HEYH


* GMC General notes and links

  • Details about the Regional Liaison Service can be found at www.gmc-uk.org/RLS/Rachel.
  • Our Patients’ help tool helps provides advice regarding where a patient can complain to and explains our process once we receive a complaint. I also mentioned our more detailed Thresholds guidance covering referral to us. There is also a lot of useful information on the investigation process on the GMC website.
  • Our annual report, which focuses on key trends in our data and identifies some of the challenges for doctors and those working in healthcare is The state of medical education and practice in the UK: 2014. Chapter 2 covers fitness to practise data and chapter 3 has some interesting data around medical education.
  • Good medical practice 2013 and links to our other explanatory guidance can be found on the GMC website.
  • Our learning materials to support the above guidance, including the ‘Good medical practice in action’ tool, can be found on the GMC website.
  • Our site to help doctors improve care for patients with learning disabilities can be found on the GMC website and our new Better care for older people resource is available on the following page of the GMC website.
  • Anyone can read and sign up to GMC News. It is a useful way of keeping up to date and is sent out monthly.


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