Foundation Training

Allocation Process.

YHFS run a Group matching process for the allocation of Foundation programmes. You will need to preference

  • The Unit of Application (YHFS).
  • The Group - one of the three Locality Schemes in YHFS (NYEC/WY/SY).
  • The individual progammes for that school.

How do I apply?

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) organise and run the national application system. Oriel has been used for National Speciality Recruitment for a few years now.

Application is accessed via the UKFPO’s website It is also a valuable source of information for all things Foundation. Important notes about the application process:

  • Enrolment and application take place from the Autumn preceding the August rotation start date.
  • Full details of the process are available on the UKFPO website from June / July each year, with an Applicant’s Handbook available at the beginning of the enrolment period.
  • Non-UK graduates or any graduate who has been out of practice for 2 years must apply via the UKFPO Eligibility Office in the preceding July / August.
  • Applicants have the option to link their application with a partner / friend to ensure they are placed in the same Foundation School (but not necessarily the same Trust), based on the lowest scoring applicant.
  • Applicants who meet the criteria for Special Circumstances may apply for pre-allocation to a specific Foundation School via their Medical School or the UKFPO Eligibility Office.
  • Applications for Foundation Academic programmes are hosted on the same application system. Please see the section on Academic recruitment for further information.

How am I allocated to a Unit of Application (UoA)?

All applicants are asked to rank the 21 UoAs in order of preference.

How am I allocated to a Group?

YHFS run a "Group matching scheme". Once you have been allocated to your UoA, you will then be asked to preference one of the three schools in HEE YH:

  • North East and Yorkshire Coast (NYEC)
  • South Yorkshire (SY)
  • West Yorkshire (WY)

How am I allocated to a Programme?

Once you have been allocated to a "Group" you will be asked to rank the programmes in this Group in order of preference. These are two year linked programmes so you will know where you will be based for the two years of your Foundation Programme.

Programmes and specialities are always subject to change for a variety of reasons.

Key Dates

For key dates see the Applicants Handbook available on the Resource Bank page of the UKFPO website.


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