RCPE Symposium: Neurology.

Friday, October 03, 2014 | | The Queen Mother Conference Centre Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 9 Queen Street Edinburgh EH2 1JQ

With more and more emphasis on the provision of 7-days-a-week acute care in hospitals for all medical specialties, the Royal Colleges are keen to see Consultant-led clinical input on a daily basis for patients admitted acutely.

As a medical specialty, Neurology has previously shied away from the acute take, but Neurosciences units around the UK are changing, with greater emphasis on prompt senior review of all patients with acute neurological presentations.

The theme of a number of topics on this year’s symposium reflect this emphasis, with sessions on critical care and coma, strokes/TIAs and mimics, and also a presentation from a specialist “acute-take” neurologist.

We will complement this with engaging sessions on pregnancy and neurology, neuroinflammatory disorders update, and cognitive neurology (with useful hints and tips on performing a simple cognitive examination).

The full day’s programme will be varied and stimulating, and suitable for all GPs, trainees and physicians, particularly those with a broadening acute care commitment. 

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