Educational Developments and Bids.

HEE Local Teams regularly receive requests for support for educational, research and innovation interventions to enhance workforce training and improve patient safety, through a number of different channels. To ensure the efficacy and relevance of any intervention it is important that Local Teams have a means to fairly assess any applications.

In Yorkshire and the Humber, bids are received via an agreed bidding form to the Education, Research and Innovation Committee. Bids are reviewed by a subgroup of this committee. There are two rounds each year (funding permitting); one closing on 15 June and the other on 15 November. 

The bidding round for November is now CLOSED. Applications will soon be open again for the round closing on 15 June 2018.

Bids are reviewed and scored against these standards.

There are two types of bid application forms:

  • Individual application form: This is for individuals applying for funding for themselves to undertake a course or similar;
  • Group or organisation bidding form: This is for groups or organisations wishing to bid on behalf of a group of individuals or an organisation(s).

Late applications will NOT be considered, we recommend you submit your application well ahead of the deadline.

Some applicants have explained it would be helpful to see a copy of the questions asked in the online form, these can be found here: Individual bid questions and group or prganisation bid questions.

Only applications made through the online forms will be accepted (applications submitted on previous versions of the paper form will not be accepted). 

**Please read this additional guidance before submitting a bid**

All bids will then be reviewed by the panel. The decision of the panel is final. There is no appeal process. 

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